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The Austrian State Championships blowgun target 2020! For the first time the Austrian Blasrohrsportverband organized the state championships Blasrohr target. The tournament will take place on Saturday, February 22, 2020 in the Kulturhalle in 8283 Bad Blumau 79. To participate, you must register here. In order for you to get on the starter list, it is absolutely necessary to pay the entry fee as soon as possible. The bank details for the deposit can be found in the announcement. Please remember that the inclusion in the starter list follows the order of deposits! The starting list and the waiting list can be found here in the menu Information, as soon as they are available. We wish you all into the gold!
Welcome to the Austrian State Championships blowgun target 2020
2020  Österreichische  Staatsmeisterschaft  Blasrohr Scheibe